Let us take this opportunity to introduce AEMC-GROUP industrial Supplies Establishment in import , Distribution and supply of almost all types of industrial.

The satisfaction of customer requirement, is the defining philosophy of our newly established division Our organization focuses in and operates with the strength of technically qualified personal to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with a firm commitment of effective distribution Our market knowledge and technical knowledge about the material has made us not only as a value added supplier but also as a reliable partner for customers We are proud to say that we are suppliers to all over the word. We also under take the overhauling and calibration of Pressure, Temperature instruments, Safety Relief Valves and Calibration equipments Considering our experience and capability we hope to be at your service for all your future requirements

AEMC-GROUP is basically an Engineering, and Service Providing Organization operating in the field of supplying various Instrumentation, analytical, Electrical items, with focus on measurement products as well as field instrumentation , and Accessories for the Oil & Gas Industry, Petroleum & Petrochemical Industry, steel, Pulp&Paper, Power plants, Desalination & Water Treatment Plants.

The strategic target of the company to build competitive advantage among the competition is based on differentiation strategy

AEMC-GROUP with a collective experience of 20 years in the filed of  Instrumentation is one of the foremost business houses in Saudi Arabia. Over this period AEMC-GRP members, staff were diversified into Contracting, Industrial Services (Operation & Maintenance), Insurance Services and information technology.

AEMC-GROUP was set up in USA MI, as the commercial house with diversified business activities and with the principal aim of providing quality construction materials, equipment and services to the Oil & Gas Plants, Petrochemical, steel, Pulp&Paper, Power plants, Desalination & Water Treatment Plants.

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